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I've had the pleasure to be a lead editor on NFL Network's Undrafted since its multi-year inception.  This doc series isn't about football as much as it is the lives of young men who dedicate themselves to an American dream that is all too often unattainable.  This excerpt follows one of my favorite players.

This is one of the most moving short form docs I've ever had the privilege to work on.  The one-man show covers the last major event that the daring BMX mountain biker Kelly McGarry participated in before his tragic death.

Check out the wild footage in the first few minutes of the doc.

If Undrafted reveals just how hard it is to make it in the NFL...

Then check out this clip where a room full of deliberators decide the entire future of a couple of our players in a matter of seconds.

In House, which airs on, was yet another chance for me to edit for Indigenous Films, the masters of capturing the essence of a subculture.

This show takes a peek into two infamous houses on Oahu's North Shore where a number of pro surfers reside during surf competitions.

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