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A little about me... Add one cup yankee, two cups southern boy, a dash of Hollywood, and shake it up.  You're bound to wind up with a story or two.


I grew up in Small Town, North Carolina playing bee-bee gun wars and hiding out in Baptist churches.  It was a far cry from anything close to a film set.  MTV was produced in outer space as far as I knew.   However, the colorful folks and close knit, textured community I was surrounded by, even if not always pleasant, informed my sensibilities for storytelling I still hold today.  I'm more interested in digging to find the real truth, as opposed to manipulating a manufactured one.


After studying recording arts at UNC-Asheville and playing in a band for several years, I eventually realized making it as a musician was too easy, so I decided to pursue filmmaking, the other easiest career to succeed at.  I ventured off to SoCal to attend grad school.  I was lucky enough to win some awards for a short film I wrote and directed, as well as receive the Motion Picture Academy's Nicholl Fellowship for a feature script I co-wrote.  I went on to spend ten years working mostly as a video editor in the industry in Los Angeles.  Most recently I shared an Emmy nomination for Best Sports Documentary Series while editing on NFL Network's Undrafted.


I have recently relocated back to Asheville, NC where water falls from the sky and beer doesn't cost eight dollars in a bar.

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